Terms and conditions for listing

Upon receipt of your request, we will decide, at our discretion, whether your submission is suitable for inclusion on coinslauncher.com. In the event that we do not consider your submission to be suitable for inclusion on coinslauncher.com, we will not inform you of this and we are under no obligation to provide you with any reasons for such rejection.

You undertake to coinslauncher.com You warrant that any personal information you have provided to coinslauncher.com has been disclosed to us with the prior fully informed consent of the data owner

Information that alone or in conjunction with other available information can be used to identify an individual.

If all the information is not true and we will suffer some damage. Accordingly, you agree to fully indemnify, defend, hold harmless and hold harmless to coinslauncher.com from and against any and all losses and claims arising out of a breach of the foregoing warranty, including but not limited to settlement fees, third party claims and legal fees.

You agree and acknowledge and confirm that coinslauncher.com shall have no liability whatsoever in connection with any results that arise from the inclusion of your activity post on coinslauncher.com

Contributions of activity on coinslauncher.com are voluntary in the form of sending some amount of your tokens to our address at your discretion.

You agree that once you submit your application, regardless of whether we have confirmed that we will upload a post about your business to our site, we will be able to capture any information regarding your company and its cryptocurrencies, utility tokens, cryptocurrencies, new exchanges and/or events, news, partners, including but not limited to your company history.

You may not use any of our intellectual property or the data of our other customers and users without our prior written consent.

The format, design, and placement on our site will be determined by us in our sole discretion, and you agree not to object or request any changes.

If your listing is approved you may include a link to coinslauncher.com on your company’s website. Any other use of the web address or other content therein must be done with our permission.

Should you incur any loss or damage, you agree not to make any claim against coinslaunche.com